Rapid High ROI Solutions

For the New Era of Value and Performance Based Healthcare

As Hospital CNO, COO or CFO are you interested in quickly increasing Workforce Productivity, Reducing Labor Costs, Reducing Shortages of Top RNs and Increasing VBP Scores?

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Game Changing Hospital Solutions
Designed for the New Era of Value, Performance, and Outcome Based Healthcare

Increase Earnings  by  10% - 50% in 1st Year with Little Change Management or Cost.

Increase Value Based Purchasing Reimbursement and Reduce Penalties.

Reduce Labor Costs by 1% to 4% without Decreasing Headcount.

Increase Productivity by 1% to 3% without Increasing Labor Costs.
Increase Collections of Net Adjusted Revenue by 5% - 20%.

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Wild Claims?

We Back
What We Claim!

Complete Change in Payment Model

  • Financial viability continues to be a significant concern for healthcare CEOs.
  • There is a new need to tolerate risk in a value-based purchasing world.

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The Power is in Collaborative Togetherness

Collaboration is at the heart of HealthViZion’s mission to achieve healthcare improvement. We work as a team with our members, clients and partners to improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, efficiencies, readmissions and deaths, revenue and profitability.

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