Workforce Audits and Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence.

HealthViZion performs detailed Hospital Workforce Audits on key industry Benchmarks.

Workforce Audits

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Performing a legitimate Workforce Audit in Healthcare was not possible before the SonarViZion Collaborative platform was developed. Now that all Value Based Purchasing scores had been integrated into SonarViZion, HealthViZion performs detailed Hospital Workforce Audits including the following items as well as industry Benchmarks when applicable:
  • 1 to 3 year Supply-Demand Risk Analysis and Trends
  • Leadership Risk Analysis and Trends
  • Critical Position Risk Analysis and Trends
  • Department Risk Analysis and Trends
  • Value Based Purchasing Analysis
  • Workforce Productivity and Trends
  • Paid Non-Productivity
  • FTE Hours Paid to FTE Hours Worked
  • Hidden Paid Premium Non Productivity
  • Aging Demographic Risk Analysis
  • Full-Time Equivalency Composition and trends
  • Labor Cost Analysis
  • Paid Productivity
  • Paid Non-Productivity
  • Premium Pay Analysis and Trends
  • Hidden Paid Premium Costs
  • Net Adjusted Revenue Collection Analysis
  • EEO Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

M&A Workforce Due Diligence includes all of the above Workforce Audit items plus:
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  • Future increased Net Adjusted Revenue Recovery
  • Potential Inherited EEO Risk Analysis
  • Leadership Loss Risk Analysis
  • Excess Staffing Levels
  • Predictive Leave Analysis Post Acquisition
  • Excess and Recoverable Labor Costs
  • Excess and Recoverable Workforce Productivity
  • Efficiency and Performance Analysis