HealthViZionTM History

HealthViZion History
  • Founded in New Braunfels, Texas as OrcaEyes in May 2007
  • SonarVision Enterprise Product Release for GA in July 2009
  • SonarVision Enterprise 2.0 release for GA in December 2010
  • SonarVision Enterprise 3.0 release for GA in February 2012
  • SonarVision Modular Enterprise 4.0 release for GA in January 2015
  • Began building the industry’s 1st Hospital Workforce Planning Collaborative in January 2011 with the Dallas-Fort Worth Healthcare Council, HealthViZionTM
  • SonarViZion Enterprise 1.0 for Workforce Planning Hospital Collaborative in August 2013
  • SonarViZion Enterprise 2.0 for Workforce Planning Hospital Collaboratives in February 2015
  • SonarViZion Enterprise 1.0 for Hospital Value Based Purchasing Collaborative in March 2015
  • Four “High Rapid ROI” Solutions for Revenue, Labor Costs and Workforce Productivity
  • Created HealthViZionTM for the New Era in the Healthcare Industry and rolled OrcaEyes into HealthViZion as subsidiary
  • Over 30 Awards from Industry Media and Analyst Groups

OrcaEyes is headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas – a Cottage Community of Austin.
Financial Status

OrcaEyes is a privately-held organization experiencing exponential year-over-year growth since its 2007 inception.