Accountable Care Act
Strategic Workforce Management

The workforce is the most expensive budgetary item and most impactful element for reimbursement revenue in this era of Value, Performance and Outcome Based Care.

Strategic Workforce Management for Healthcare Executives

Up to this point, Strategic Workforce Management (“SWFM”) has largely been a theoretical conversation about what the workforce could be by a handful of authors in the HR space. The focus is primarily along soft issues such as Competencies versus Skills, Leadership versus Workforce Management and engagement versus productivity. Whereas HealthViZion believes these areas hold promise, the results are not scientifically tangible and will not stand-up to the scientific rigor, especially since most data being used is survey based with the inherent prejudices therein.
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HealthViZion views SWFM similar to Supply Chain Management of Labor.  HealthViZion’s CEO invented and implemented the 1st Labor Supply Chain at Fortune 15 Valero Energy beginning in 2003,  Hilbert’s team won 2x more awards from 2005-2007 in SWFM than any other team in industry history.
Coming from Supply Chain Management software, this was not rocket science to Hilbert. It was simply applying tried, trued and standardized mission critical software to the Labor force. In no way was this “Big Brother Watching over You,” type solutions. It was basic Supply and Demand, Six Sigma type process and improvement with both macro and micro level “actionable” business intelligence. Hospitals do not function without Supply Chains. Yet they attempt to manage their most expensive budgetary item and most impactful element for reimbursement revenue in this era of Value, Performance and Outcome based care – the workforce.
Over the past eight years, HealthViZion consulted with Hospital executives asking them the tough questions about:
  • What keeps them up at night worried about their workforce?
  • What intelligence about their workforce would empower their jobs?
  • What intelligence they don’t have (hidden knowledge and hidden correlation relationships) thatt would most make their job better?

HealthViZion Strategic Workforce Management Healthcare Solutions

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  • CNO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Quality
SonarViZion is pure modular technology. This means that custom solutions for Specific leadership users are configured by assembling the modules to meet each user's needs and areas of interest. All SonarViZion solutions enable filtering at the macro and micro levels of positions, departments, business units and locations. The following is a partial list of leadership user modules:
  • Supply-Demand Forecasting and Predictive Gap Analysis Risk
  • Proactive Alerts for Predicted Loss of Employees with primary reasons. This enables intervention to mitigate loss before departments are decimated of top talent in critical positions. For groups of 75 employees or more, SonarViZion Predictive Employee Loss module has been over 80% accurate in predicted 1st year turnover and retirements
  • Specific position risk from aging workforce demographics
  • Detail financial and labor costs
    • Actual costs to budget
    • Costs by Workforce Composition: FT, PT, Pool and Temp labor
    • Paid Base Salary Productivity
    • Premium Pay Productivity
    • Paid Non-Productivity
    • Hidden Premium Pay Productivity
    • Hidden costs of turnover
  • Detail WF Productivity
    • Full Time Equivalency workforce capacity
      • Actual monthly capacity to assess plan scheduling
    • Workforce Productivity Available by: FT, PT, Pool and Temp labor
    • Workforce Composition by usage: FT, PT, Pool and Temp labor
    • Paid Productivity
    • Paid Non-Productivity
    • Hidden Paid Productivity at Premium pay rates
  • Comprehensive Turnover Analysis
  • Actual VBP scoring by specific departments for specific DRG codes
  • Internal Labor Movement: Transfers In and Out as well as Promotions