How It Works
Would a surgeon dare perform surgery without precision MRI and Cat Scan imaging intelligence?
sonarvizion big data solutions'

SonarViZion combines mass Big Healthcare Data,
then mines the data through
our 4th Generation SonarViZion Intelligence Platform

VBP Hospital Performance Data
  • Value Based Purchasing scores
    • All scoring domains
    • Detail scoring data in each domain
  • Penalties and readmisions
  • Comparative results and Benchmarks
Hospital "Standardized" Comprehensive Workforce Data
  • HRIS
  • Payroll and Compensation
  • Time and Attendance
  • Recruiting
  • Performance Review
Computer Intelligence Processing
  • Cognitive Learning System
  • Congnitive Matching
  • Correlation
  • Impact Modeling
  • Prediction
  • Optimization and Risk Analysis
But Data isn't Valuable Data unless all Critical Entities Are Standardized and Normalized
healthvizion analytic graphs and charts
HealthViZion has the Only Two Healthcare Workforce Collaboratives providing the Only Standardized and Normalized Workforce Data Elements plus HealthViZion Spent 3-Man Years Standardizing all Value Based Purchasing Data To Discover Hidden Solutions and VBP Correlations Are Standardized and Normalized
And the Results are HealthViZion being the 1st to Scientifically Understand what was previously:
healtthvizion works scientifically
  • Hidden
  • Unknown
  • Unmeasurable
  • Unpredictable
  • Impactful
  • Non-Improvable
  • Unmanageable
Current State of Workforce Analytics
SonarViZion Cognitive Analytics and Imaging
  • Similar to X-rays
  • If it isn't strong and visible, it's hidden
  • No understanding of internal organs
  • No ability to diagnose "soft" problems
  • No understanding of impacted relationships
  • Exploratory surgery and guesswork
  • Diagnostic ability to discover what was previously hidden
  • Ability to precisely measure problems
  • Scientific understanding of impact Value Based Care Scoring Dimensions
  • Accurate Predictability
  • Actionable Intelligence for new solutions
Would a surgeon dare perform surgery without precision MRI and Cat Scan imaging intelligence? No Way!
Do Hospital executives manage, align and optimize their workforce for Values Based Care in the blind? Yes!
X-ray of the chest with lungs and heart
MRI, Cat Scan and other soft tissue internal imaging technologies essentially made risky and expensive explorative surgery obsolete. SonarViZion does the same for dated workforce management processes in the Era of Value Based Care Revenue.
3 dimensional MRI of a heart
And the Workforce is the Most Impactful Entity on Value, Performance and Outcome Based Healthcare
and also the Most Expensive Budget Item
pie chart showing hospital workforce percentages
Operating Expenses
Salaries and Wages
Employee Benefits
Professional Fees
Purch Srv - Utilities
Purch Srv - Other