Our Guarantee

My Personal Guarantee
“The New Era of Value, Performance and Outcome based Care is still in the developmental stages. Way too many healthcare customers are locked into long-term, expensive contracts for Big Data and Business Intelligence software – with no guarantees. At a time when margins are being squeezed by major Payers, Clients must receive value or have the ability to opt-out of the costs.
The financial future of our country is literally at stake. The old fee-based system will literally bankrupt the country for our children. When our Provider clients and members are so much at risk, it is only fair that we share that risk. Either we provide real value in this new era or we set our clients, members and partners free to find better solutions.
Our new-model contract structure clearly states our confidence in our ability to provide high value in this new era.”
Dan Hilbert,
CEO HealthViZion

Unprecedented HealthViZion Satisfaction Contracts

  • All Contracts are 180-Days - Renewable
  • Opt-Out for Any Reason
  • No Long-Term Commitment or Financial Risk
  • You Get Value or You Can Leave

HealthVizion’s Total Commitment to Collaboration

This is for far more than a business for HealthViZion and its employees who have so generously decided to contribute a minimum of 10% of all revenue to research in these areas to leading Medical University research teams. The employees of HealthViZion wanted to go even further to make a defined statement that we are truly part of this sharing collaborative by donating up to 20% of the company stock previously assigned to the Employee Stock Ownership pool to leading Medical Research Universities and community outreach organizations dedicated to providing quality healthcare to those of our fellow people previously unable to receive quality care.