Rapid High ROI Solutions

are all in areas
Fundamental for Success

HealthViZion “Rapid High ROI Solutions”
are all in areas Fundamental for Success:


Reduce Labor Costs without employee reductions
Increase Revenue Recovery


Increase Workforce Productivity without increased labor costs
Early Warning Predictive Talent Loss Alerts in Critical Positions



  The characteristics of  Health ViZionT
"Rapid High ROI Solutions" are:

Fast bottom-line measureable results

Low cost implementation

Minimal change management

healthvizion big data and roi solutions


Big Data

The "Rapid High ROI Solutions”
Generate Essential Results in the New Era

Healthcare system with 3 acute hospitals, 5,800 hourly employees, 16% annual turnover generating $382,000,000 in annual revenue.


$8.4 Million Annual Labor Cost Reduction

$3.4 Million Annual Increase in Revenue

Excess and Avoidable Labor Costs

Excess Labor Costs from inefficiencies in the employee Management Lifecycle raise employee labor cost by .7% to 4.8%.
Reduction on the inefficiencies by 20%, easily attainable in the first 90 days, results in reduced labor costs by $8,400,000 annually –without any staff reductions.

Recoverable Workforce Productivity.

These efficiencies can also be used to increase workforce productivity by 183 man-years annually and increase of 3.2% in workforce productivity – at no additional costs.

Reduction in Lost Net Adjusted Revenue.

Lost workforce productivity and turnover in the primary Revenue Cycle Management positions results in unnecessary lost revenue collection ranging from .3% to 3.9%. Reduction in turnover of billing coders and revenue collection specialists by 15% results in an additional $3,400,000 to $6,110,000 in Net Adjusted Revenue annually.