From “Fee-for-Service” to “Value, Performance and Outcome” based revenue.

Scientifically we know where workforce attributes, characteristics and trends can now be measured, managed, monitored and optimized to significantly impact business profits.

Who We Are

HealthVizion’s Total commitment to Healthcare and Community
This is far more than a business for HealthViZion and its employees who have so generously decided to contribute a minimum of 10% of all revenue to research in these areas to leading Medical University research teams. The employees of HealthViZion wanted to go even further to make a defined statement that we are truly part of this sharing collaborative by donating up to 20% of the company stock previously assigned to the Employee Stock Ownership pool to leading Medical Research Universities and community outreach organizations dedicated to providing quality healthcare to those of our fellow people previously unable to receive quality care. HealthViZion’s CEO even went further pledging up to 80% of his personal stock for donations to further serve these healthcare humanity goals.
HealthViZionTM is comprised of Business leaders, healthcare leaders, Big Data analysts, efficiency experts, finance executives, technology experts and industry leading strategic workforce management executives with a total dedication and commitment to transforming suffering to wellbeing and illness to recovery.  This is clearly demonstrated by our contractual employee and company contributions for advanced research in improved healthcare outcomes and donations to community outreach non-profits to serve those who are currently not receiving quality health-care.
Working with our Collaborative members, partners, research Universities and standards committees, we are just beginning to help transform the healthcare industry so that our clients can flourish in this new era of Healthcare. This is who we are at HealthViZion. It’s not just our business, it is our Vision of Service to all clients and partners and to all those fellow citizens who need care.
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We started OrcaEyes in early 2007 to scientifically discover how and where workforce drivers were measurably impacting critical business results and outputs.
So we spent 8 years building the SonarVision software technology platform specifically for this invaluable Healthcare solution.
No fluff! No Hunches! No Soft Measures! No Touchie feely! HealthViZion is about scientific data backed results!
We scientifically know where workforce attributes, characteristics and trends that can now be measured, managed, monitored and optimized to significantly impact business profits, revenue, labor costs, efficiencies, productivity and customer care while uncovering previously hidden risks to these business outputs.

Having the only software platform was a great start, but only a start.

Data was needed. Tons of data – Big Data – to have a chance of delivering this goal. We needed mass Workforce Data that was standardized to specific critical positions, standardized departments and service lines as well as standardized compensation levels, definitions of workforce acquisition and management services, and most importantly, industry agreed upon critical business outcomes.
This had never been done before!
graph depicting the translation of human capiral into the language of business
hands holding wooden puzzle pieces
The second piece began when OrcaEyes partnered with the Dallas-Fort Worth Healthcare Council to build the industry’s first long-term, regional workforce plan for hospitals in 2011.
42 hospitals joined the Collaborative and spent 3 years defining these standards.  Once standards were defined HealthViZion had to re-write the SonarViZion platform to meet Collaborative Workforce Planning needs.
With a keen eye on the healthcare industry reforms being mandated by the Affordable Care Act, HealthViZion built a configurable Collaborative Platform to serve the developmental and transformational needs in the Healthcare industry.  This included advanced technologies: Cognitive Learning, Cognitive Matching, Correlation Formulas Predictive Impact Analysis.
And what a transformation! From “Fee-for-Service” to “Value, Performance and Outcome” based revenue.
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The third piece was CMS publishing mass data for all U.S. hospitals on multiple domains of care, scoring, benchmarking and ultimately rewarding or penalizing hospitals on their scores. A new Healthcare System was formed in conjunction with University of Texas Medical Systems and both the domestic and international Standards committees for improving quality of care through the workforce. 
HealthViZion analysts began mining the standardized, HRIS, payroll, time and attendance, as well as recruiting data for correlation with impact analysis on the hospitals Value Based Purchasing scores.
In just the beginning, what was discovered was simply stunning. Previously hidden elements of the workforce were dramatically impacting hospitals negatively. In some areas, the losses to revenue and profitability as well as service delivery are staggering. Hidden excess labor costs which could be easily and quickly recovered without impacting productivity can increase earnings by 50% or more.
table depicting hidden correlations to outcomes of care, readmissions and deaths, as well as patient satisfaction and efficiency of services.
As we conduct more research, we find previously hidden correlations to outcomes of care, readmissions and deaths, as well as patient satisfaction and efficiency of services.
What was previously hidden and unmeasurable can now be optimized to higher Value Based Purchasing Revenue.
Just like in Healthcare when MRIs and Cat Scans uncovered previously hidden workings of organs, veins and other internal soft tissues, new treatments have been discovered that are generations beyond previous care with levels of accuracy and precision unknown, just as HealthViZion is doing for the business of healthcare.
3d MRI image of a heart
X-ray of chest showing lungs and heart